About me

I am a Greek-born photographer, living in Athens and London. For the last 16 years I have been living in the UK where I studied and worked. I graduated from Southampton Institute and Kent Institute of Art and Design with a BA Honours in Communication Media (Graphic Design). The last eight years, I worked as an Art Editor at The Daily Telegraph in London (Commercial department). I have been working as a freelance photographer for the last 15 years and my work has been published in Greece, UK and Qatar.

Nikos Economopoulos (MAGNUM) photography workshops


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EasyJet magazine, UK, Quatar airlines, Oryx magazine, The Sunday Telegraph, UK -  INK publishing, UK - Nike Greece - KeltieCochrane marketing agency UK, FIFA World Cup Korea/ - Japan official guide UK, Carling Cup Final programme, UK - Manchester United V Tottenham magazine, UK - Persado - Upstream SA - Styleshake.com -  ‘Reportage’ supplement (Sunday Ethnos newspaper) Εθνος της Κυριακης - To Vima newspaper (Το Βημα), Greece - Taxidromos Magazine, Greece


‘Cuba is alive’ at Idea Generation gallery, London, October 2010


Finalist for the Professional Photographer of the Year awards magazine, UK, 2010


Marie Claire interview, Athens, February 2013

Living postcards

Your home is lovely

Eleutheros Typos newspaper, Athens

Eikones magazine, Athens

Paper magazine, Athens

“Η Κούβα με άλλο, Ελληνικό, μάτι”/ Τα Νέα

“Στην γκαλερί Idea Generation  η πρώτη έκθεση φωτογραφίας της  Λένας Κωνσταντάκου”/ Ρεθεμνιώτικα Νέα

Naftemporiki newspaper